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Business Training for Yukon Entrepreneurs

DNV offers business courses to provide you with the knowledge, resources and tools to assist you as you pursue your business idea. We offer workshop style courses that cover various aspects of starting and running a business. Our courses range from 4 hour subject specific workshops to a more in depth 4 day course. Our popular 4 day course known as our Feasibility Study Workshop is offered 4 times a year in Whitehorse. Training is conducted within in our office at dana Naye Ventures and can also be conducted on contract basis to outlying Yukon communities as requested.

Feasibility Study Workshop (4 days)

We offer this popular four day workshop which is ideal for participants looking to pursue a business idea but are unsure whether or not is will be feasible. Over the course of four days each participant will work through their business idea in a group setting and will be provided with the tools and resources necessary to continue their study prior to implementing their business.

This course reviews the four main components of business feasibility which will assist each participant in researching the viability of their business idea:
• Personal Feasibility
• Market Feasibility
• Operational Feasibility
• Financial Feasibility

Ideal for participants that are looking to implement their business within the next 3 to 12 months.

Business Essentials (2 day workshop)

The brand new 2 day workshop is a “mini” version of the popular 4 day Feasibility Study.

This workshop reviews the similar material as the FSW but over a shorter period of time.

It covers topics such as personal readiness, market identification, operational and legal requirements, and financial overview.

It provides the tools, resources and knowledge required to continue your study outside of the workshop on a more independent basis.

This workshop is perfect for participants that already have a business idea and want to ensure it’s feasible for them to implement within the year.

Preparing Your Business for Success Module Series

These module workshops are ideal for busines specific learning. Each module discusses an important component of business development within a four hour instruction period. Modules can be taken individually or combined to produce a customized training program to suit your needs.
• Personal Readiness for Business (4 hours)
• Cutting Through the Red Tape (4 hours)
• Market Identification (4 hours)
• Financial Awareness (4 hours)
• Business Planning 101 (4 hours)

These module workbooks are great for participants looking to update their skills or need training in a specific subject.